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Breaking the Cycle of Violence

Generation Hope provides mental health counseling for children and adult survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, abuse, neglect, and other traumas.  We offer services both in person and over telehealth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to break the cycle of violence through intervention, education, empowerment, and treatment that begins with our children so someday, no child will go to bed with bruises on their body or fear in their heart.


A Message From Our Founder

"I whole-heartedly believe that all children deserve happiness, peace of mind, and to sleep soundly at night without being concerned that their parent or caregiver is going to hurt them or their family. Sadly, children exposed to domestic violence can have fear and pain enter their lives.


In 2011 we opened a two room office in Omaha, NE. At the time I was the sole employee. Today we have expanded our Omaha office and have added additional therapists to our team to be able to help more families. We have assisted hundreds of survivors and children to break the cycle of violence in their families."

                Heather Duhachek-Chase


Meet Online

Or In Person


Breaking the Cycle of Violence

This is a three-day course for survivors of domestic violence that addresses psycho-education on domestic violence, psycho-education on the impact of domestic violence on children, and parenting techniques to work with children who have experienced domestic violence and other traumas.  This course also includes three hours of group support to work through coping skills and parenting skills so that survivors can use what they learn in class in practical ways to break the cycle.    

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